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How to optimize customer experience with restaurant POS System

There lies no denial in the fact that the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. For over a year now, restaurants have realized the brunt of localized lockdowns and dwindling footfalls as a result of operating at reduced capacity even after lifting the lockdowns. As several states in India are now unlocking after an unrelentless second wave of the pandemic, it becomes important for restaurateurs to welcome their customers with an unmatched dining experience.

With restaurants across the globe striving hard to cook up a delicious platter to welcome diners, utmost care must go into elevating the overall customer experience across touchpoints. One such important focus area is the business management experience in restaurants.

Here are a few ways in which customer experience in a restaurant can be improved through a seamless restaurant POS system:

Benefits of POSReducing the wait time

No matter how scrumptious the food you serve in your restaurant, a longer wait time is bound to irk even your most loyal customers. Giving diners the option of making reservations through a digitized table reservation system is one good way of improving the user experience in a restaurant. 

Protecting customers and employees

The outbreak of Coronavirus last year disrupted most businesses and the way they used to operate. In the new normal, contactless payment terminal and self-checkouts will be the key to reinforcing trust not just in diners but your staff as well. Giving your diners the option of speedier checkouts through contactless payment options like QR codes and tap and pay contactless card payment options 

Contactless doorstep delivery

For restauranteurs, it is important to arm their delivery personnel with customer-focused superior doorstep payment acceptance solutions like any ePOS solutions which are revolutionary into a payment acceptance device. Faster and contactless transactions lead to happy customers.

Optimize Check out process

The process at the checkout counter could speed up thanks to the barcode scanner. In an eye blink, all information of picked products will be sent straight to the system. Next, right on POS, cashiers also access customer data automatically and add this transaction to customer history. 

Accurate Reports

Based on the history of the store’s transactions, POS applications will automatically extract reports including critical information. This function supports managers to take overview pictures of the business performance. For instance, reports show out current common sales trends or identify the area of unnecessary overspend for managers to take appropriate action.

Stock Management at ease

With a traditional register, staff has to physically view inventory while POS supports them to automate checking stock on-screen. Even if any adjustment happens, staff don’t have to check it manually but through a glance at the screen. In brief, the POS System saves time controlling stock for your stores!

The global POS terminals market stood at $235.57 mn in 2016 and is forecasted to exhibit a growth rate of more than 11% in value terms during 2017-2022, to reach $724.14 mn by the end of 2022, primarily owing to increasing government focus and initiatives aimed at digitizing the country’s economy.

A study conducted on the global level that encompassed the 2014-2024 time frame indicated the following:

  • Mobile POS payment devices are expected to increase 4 times.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions will become prevalent in the POS industry.
  • The Asia-Pacific POS terminals industry is expected to drive demand.

It is evident that POS systems have helped streamline business processes to a great extent. Small businesses should be in line with the best POS practices by implementing one for themselves right away. To find the best POS systems for small businesses, we reviewed several factors, including subscription prices and fees, hardware types and costs, payment processing options, and features. After searching through more than two dozen POS providers, we narrowed it down to winners in specific categories by the best POS systems for things like e-commerce, inventory management, and retail use.

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