Custom Point Of Sale Features
Take Complete Control Of Your Business & Leave The Technology To Our Custom White-labeled Point Of Sale Platform.
Custom POS Location Management
Whether you manage ten locations or hundreds of locations, Custom POSBee multi-Location management sets you up for success. Analyze inventory levels, transfer data, and pull reports for multiple locations easily with one central database. It allows workers to work across multiple locations. Sets employee permissions per location and easily track the number of hours worked.
Retail POS Inventory Management
Alter and add the price and quantity data for thousands of inventory items at a time via custom POS software. Add data to your existing inventory list without replacing data. Know which items are your best sellers and which items aren’t selling much. So that you are able to make more informed decisions.
Custom POS Transactions
The POS transaction takes place when a payment is made by a customer at a cash counter or online store in exchange for products or services. Any form of payment can be used across the point of sale terminal, such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, mobile payments, and even accumulated loyalty points
Retail POS Digital Receipt
Provided with more detailed receipts rather than just a slip of paper with the date/amount of the sale; The custom POS systems use inventory data to provide more information like item description, price, and savings. Thus total digital transformation happens using digital receipts and hence no paper is required.
Multiple Payment Options via POS solution
Provide your customers with multiple payment options like credit/ debit card, an online wallet, payment link, payment gateway, etc. Offering different payment options make your organization, business, retail, restaurant, etc look more professional and trust-worthy.
Payment Terminal In-app Sales Report
Easily view your daily sales report on the POS application. The following details include Total sales, Sales as per Day, Week, Month, Cancelled bills, and Discounts. The amount of each service is enclosed with respect to taxes. In addition to it, a graph decorates the top screen that depicts the sales differences between the services.
Retail POS Menu Management
Quickly build multiple menus or menus for different departments that fit your business type; disable items from the payment terminal menu when it is out of stock & enable when available.
Point of Sale System Modifiers
Modifiers that are applied to items will display on your customers' digital receipts, from transactions in your online custom POS system dashboard and in the items details report.
POS Application Categories
Divide items as per main categories, sub-categories and etc… of your POS solution. If the current category for your new item is not adequate, you can add a new one.
Payment Terminal Discount
Create Automatic or Manual Discounts or Coupons across the point of sale platform that can be added to the entire order or to individual items prior to checkout.
POS Solution Order Transaction
Manage orders in a simple way. Assign customer’s names and phone numbers to their orders so that reordering can be made easy via a custom POS application.
POS Application Custom Tip Amount
Create a specific tip amount depending on your business type or use the default tip options using custom POS software that already exists.
POS Solution Customer Directory
Protected and fully integrated payment gateways for e-commerce through our trusted customers
Custom POS Order Notes
At White Label POS system, your business is our main priority. You could take up the order using our POS system. We have even added a marketing feature to help you leverage your business.
Custom POS Dashboard
Gain a greater understanding of the patterns on ePOS apps that drive your sales. We have every module that you need such as a built-in customer loyalty program.
Custom POS Team Management
Best in class retail POS Supplier Integration System to empower your suppliers and enhance business transparency.
Custom Point of Sale Tax
Complete control over creating multiple tax zones and rates for your locations or per item using our customizable point of sale software.
POS application Process Refunds
Simple to process the refunds via custom POS and the refunded amount gets credited to your client account by seven business days.
Inventory Management via POS Solution
Modify price, quantity data or add thousands of inventory items at a time using a custom POS system and create valuable customer relationships.
Supports for Unlimited Devices
Unlimited devices can access the custom POS system and no need to spend additional POS system while scaling up your business.
POS Application In-app Sales Report
Using POS solution the performance of the business is well tracked weekly, monthly, and provides enhanced financial monitoring. Report on sales per month/ per week can be extracted.
POS Solution for High Security & Data Privacy
We stick on to Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to keep confidential information secure and by no means store data on your device.
Unlimited POS Solution User
With our custom POS software license, you can create unlimited numbers of new users & devices. Pay none to expand your business.
Custom POS Waiter App
Easy to organize your order taking, dine-in, take away orders from the restaurant using customizable point of sale software.
POS Solution Kitchen App
Easily manage orders from multiple channels, kitchen and its reports through the POS application. Suggests to the group with similar items and speeds up food preparation.
POS Application on Offline Mode
At the event where the internet connection is not available for your custom POS system, during which the POS has the capability to function in the offline mode.